Real Estate

It was not long ago that Pune was known as a pensioner's city. The city with deep historical ties and rich tradition is well known to the masses as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city itself has gone through a major change in last couple of decades. With the advent of globalization and India's growth towards economic prosperity, Pune has emerged as the city of new millennium and become an established force as Information Technology hub of new modern India.

Real estate in Pune has been charting an upward graph of growth in the city. A face of city landscape has been evolving and the old establishments are giving way to modern developments. The modern life sets out its unique requirement and reflection of those requirements is visible in the recent Real estate developments in the city. Real estate developers are creating residential and commercial projects suitable to the modern and growing life. One name that stands out in these developments for both vision and quality of its work is that of a Gada Group.

Gada Group has always been credited with excellent real estate projects in Pune. Our skilled and experienced teams of professionals have been instrumental in getting us to the pinnacle of achievement and constantly construct excellent projects for our prospective buyers. Working with innovative technology and employing best expertise in the business, we are realizing many wonderful projects, which are paramount in their architectural distinctiveness, quality of construction and richness of amenities.